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Big Bash Heron knock up 11.7.2020 results
« on: July 12, 2020, 20:08:53 »
 Big Bash Knock up Messingham Sands Heron 11.7.2020

Well as a late rider I jumped on the latest knock up held at Grange Park fisheries and with one 12 on the full lake the promise for a good match was hopeful.

Few months since I have visited Grange Park Fisheries and there has been quite a lot of landscaping going on which is transforming the place. Alan is certainly changing its looks on the 3 lakes of Kingfisher, Heron and Osprey, the access roads and car parking and lots of hard work is being invested. Its looking nice and clean ad when the bankside vegetation grows back will be great.  Meanwhile the open being fished on Osprey far bank which has been landscaped threw up good weights so fishing remains unaffected.

Anyhow back to the friendly on Heron. 12 anglers fishing with the whole lake meant plenty of room.
peg 1 handed to yours truly, much appreciated guys it means a lot of how you are all helping and looking after me, thank you.  A good peg with Lilys to my left near corner and almost 3 feet deep on top kit, Little over 12 inch in tight margins as well. Glen on peg 3 to my right it would be a chatty day, Max opposite and Wilf on peg 26.

No feeder rod set up today (may have been a mistake), top kits set up, line to between sedges and lilies and a margin line as well.
With the weather overcast and sunny, very slight occasional breeze it was a lovely day for fishing. Start off on top kit and dead depth line and first out in and  2lb carp graced the net for first fish on pond, quickly followed by Jasper on favoured peg 6 ad Max on peg 28. First half an hour and I had 3 carp and Max was in overdrive opposite fishing his top kit line.

Glen was searching his peg and rotating lines trying to locate some interest from the fish. I hit a quiet spell and also couldn’t find any although you had the feeling they were in the peg? Max then moved from in front to his right hand margin against sedges and plundered 6 or 7 quick fish before they went and he went to his left hand side to land a few more. He was having a good match. Glen  had swapped and changed, tried his flask bite tactic to no avail and then dropped a worm head against number 2 peg platform and found the fish. He continued here and also to his right hand side lilies and built up his weight and also introducing dead reds to keep the fish coming. He did loose a lot of fish to the platform but that’s the risk and I suppose it paid off in the end.

Max also had good spells and lean spells which in turn probably cost him.

My self on the “good peg” had to swap and change lines, depths and baits to a miserable result but enjoyable day 27-12 and thanks for coming. Only trashed about 4 rigs in the lilies so not too bad. Majority of fish from my left between reeds and lilies. Troubled more by silvers and goldfish  than carp which was the target. Hard pellet paste, worm, dead reds, corn all tried to now avail.

Further up the pond Jasper had a good day on his trusty feeder, Andy W8 also had a few on feeder but the prize must go to Conlan who fished his feeder rod  up to his empty pegs and close to the bank to take his first Big Bash match win with 73-15. Well done young sir.

We are struggling to post scores on the forum of late as cut and paste and photoshop are not working so here are the results for those not on facebook where we can post the results easier

Leo peg 1 27-12
Glen peg 3 68-10 2d in match
Jasper peg 6 54-7
John Utting peg 8 61-11 Section win
Conlan Wilson peg 10 73-15 match win
Mike Dodd peg 14  DNW
John Lanelly peg 15 29-8 Section win
Kevin Chalk peg 19 DNW
Mick Roche peg 21 36-13
And Waite [eg 24 48-8
Wilf peg 26 DNA
Max peg 26 67-7 section win

I am sure all the rain in the last couple of days effected the results and plenty of fish around but not to interested and quick to move along elsewhere when their mates were being caught. This being said the results above do show that the fishery has delivered fish to the majority of anglers and a lot of bites. No doubt we will be back again soon.
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Re: Big Bash Heron knock up 11.7.2020 results
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2020, 18:35:04 »
Happy with Peg 28 although for some reason it has not fished as well this year the inform pegs so this year have been  1, 6, 15 .

Luckily I did not have any lilies to tempt me 😉 yep no doubt there are fish there but it’s also a grave yard for rigs as poor old Leo found out.

On my side try I had pellet , pellet, pellet and more pellet ! Nice and simple and if they wanted it I would have a chance and if not then it would be just a matter of picking up the odd fish.

I think all the rain In the week definitely effected the fish and why they didn’t feed properly They was coming in over the feed but just not feeding as they normally do,  to many foul hookers Was the proof .

All my carp was on the small side 2lb on average eneded up with 25 for 67lb One of the open lads on Osprey had w2 carp and put 102lb on the scales 😏

As always enjoyed the day absolutely love the venue nice and simple fishing and every peg gets a chance .

Loving how we have the Friday night draw and how we pay on line makes things so easy big thanks to Jasper for this as there is still work to do to make this happen