Author Topic: James Maude AC vs Big Bash AC team matches  (Read 1124 times)

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James Maude AC vs Big Bash AC team matches
« on: October 26, 2019, 22:31:46 »

There was a lot of dissatisfaction from James Maude AC on our repeat selection of Lindholme Loco lake. To such an effect that a vote had been held and 8 members of James Maude AC would not fish our choice of match lake at Lindholme. To this effect there will be no team matches in 2020 as Billy is not confident of being able to get a team together with 8 anglers not prepared to fish the leg at Lindholme.

We have Lindholme Loco booked for 2019 with 30 pegs in the match diary. It has been suggested at the AGM a club knock up along the lines of mystery pairs be arranged. Excess pegs to be cancelled.

The JM vs BB team matches have been run since 2012 if my memory serves me correct and was a premium match in the calendar. Great friendships have been formed and long may they continue.

The cup stays with Big Bash AC and we will look for reassigning it to a suitable event.
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Re: James Maude AC vs Big Bash AC team matches
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2019, 01:28:25 »
Big Bash Members, it was back in 2010/11 that I put forward  to Kev Allen the idea of having these club matches during our clubs great support for the Breast Cancer Charity matches run at Lindholme. So out of the past seven years there has been some great friendships created by two outstanding clubs.  So much has been gained over these years and not just the friendships but and Old club of 50years taking a newly formed club and watching both sets of lads gell. We as a long standing club feel you have found your way into the match  club angling scene through the hard work and dedication of a selective few who keep your great club running, you know who you are and without your input there would be no Big Bash Ac.
And so it saddens me to bring the curtain down on this event, but I have to honour and respect the overall decision made within our club.
May I reciprocate what Leo has said, and  our clubs continue to support each other and the friendships be sustained. 
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