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2019 AGM minutes held at Springvale 26.10.2019
« on: October 28, 2019, 21:08:13 »
Big Bash AGM 2019 club minutes held on 26th October at Springvale

Steve Guy, John Utting, Paul Atton, Dave Fox, John Lanelly, Big Glen, Mike Dodd, Kev Webster, Keith TT Smith, John Balmforth, Andy Waite, Steve Curtis, Mick Roche and Leo Martin
Committee Apologies
Andrew Wilson  (visiting the Dark side in a warmer location)
Jack Crabtree (In Japan on Eddie Jones subs bench)

Club finances shared both match account and club main account. Explanation supplied why 2 different sets are in use. one club finances and one match day float.
Club finances approved from the membership.
Fishery    2019
It was mentioned that due to swearing and abusive language directed at the Glebe fishery owner by a club member the Big Bash AC is now banned from the Glebe fishery and the club will not be allowed back. This is on the back of the arranged knock up where we were moved to Lake 9 and lake 3 from our original lakes.
A lot of members were unhappy at this news and a discussion took place and it was decided that an extra rule will be added in the rules which states an instant ban would be applied to any member who brings the Big Bash AC into disrepute at any fishery. In this instance because no rule was in place it was thought suffice to mention the club members name in these records.
Note editors priviledge This has since been removed because the member in question will know who was guilty of the swearing resulting in the club ban affecting all club members. It is then up to the person in question as to if he retains his anonymity or goes public.
Membership numbers
Proposal was for limiting numbers to 20. One more longstanding member requested his name be added so numbers will be restricted to 21. a second 2019 club member has still to make his decision.
Pegging Fees
Long discussion on pros and cons of paying a larger fee up front, full seasons match fees, Pegging fee fines, Stay as we are.
Vote taken and decision was to stay as we are.
Late pegging fee
Payment to increase to £8.00 “fine”.
Number of matches to be dropped
Discussion on either 3,4 or 5 matches to be dropped out of league of 15 matches.Vote carried forward decision of 3 matches to be dropped
Review of Rules and everyone in favour of existing including the late addition. Also rule to be added as bringing club into disrepute as mentioned above
Discussion held and agreement reached with venues
Match day payouts
Options discussed, 1st, 2nd and 3rd plus section winners. Or stay as is with a match winner, and 1st and 2nd in sections.
Vote held and decision taken to pay match winner and 1st and second in sections
Match day pay outs
Explanation given on how 2019 has been paid out and variation according to number of anglers attending. Ie no standard payments. Variation explained due to number of anglers and fishery pegging fees. Float being utilised week by week with positive and negative variance however books balance at year end due to close management.
Membership happy with system utilised
2020 – 2021 matches . number of matches to book and venues.
2020 stay as is, 2021 bookings to discuss with match secretary.
Knock ups and potential effects on summer league.
Long discussion held and it was the view of the meeting that no effects was being seen with league matches as an effect of knock ups.
2020 pegging numbers
Discussion held and it was thought to book 20 pegs with a view of asking if a couple of extra pegs can be taken should numbers exceed 20. If not then first come first served off booking off thread on forum if extra pegs cannot be obtained.
Summer league single league or double league
Stay as single league
Challenge cup and second bite of cherry
Stay as 2019
Committee is everyone happy with format and committee members
Committee does anyone else want to stand
No, happy with existing members and number
2019 payments
Members paid £10 for up front pegging fee, same to be retained for 2020 and paid back to those who do not join who had paid in.
James Maude AC vs Big Bash AC team match and decision for James Maude not to fish Big Bash Loco Lake tie.
Long discussion. Loco match to be revamped within our match calendar potentially mystery pairs
      Club not to attend at Holmedale fixture on 2019
      Potentially offer James Maude 2021 matches at 2 neutral venues.
Big Bash Winter league
Matter raised that in 2019 it was in minutes not to hold an official winter league in 2019 and arrange knock ups. It was also mentioned to share venues for knock ups. Clarification required.   
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