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2019 Big Bash F & F Springvale Duke Lake
« on: October 26, 2019, 22:09:06 »
26.10.2019  Springvale Fishery Duke Lake Big Bash Fur and Feather.

Rain rain go away, come on mothers washing day, raindrops keep falling on my head, Umbellar, singing in the rain, set fire to the rain and raining in my heart. All sounds with one common element, rain and this have last week we have certainly seen a fair amount of that come down. The last 24 hours has seen an increased amount fall resulting in water levels rising in rivers and ponds. Already soaked fields now have large puddles and small ponds developing and yes the Big Bash AC held their end of season F & F on a wet Saturday late in October.   

It was a busy day so starting times adjusted to free up end of match time to ensure we wasn’t too late with match, prizes, summer league prize money, F & F and our AGM business to conduct. Thankyou everyone for assisting in this.

Springvale fishery rapidly becoming more and more popular amongst match and pleasure anglers alike. Lovely owner, fair pegging fees, use Springvale fishery feed pellets, ample room between pegs, clean grass banks, great access and roads between lakes and park behind your peg. This is not counting each lake stuffed with fish, carp and silvers, take your pick. Top this off with bait deliveries to your pegs, fishery landing and keep-nets provided and weighing in conducted for you as well. Springvale bailiff also conducts bait, hook and feeder checks for everyone on the complex every day which I think is highly commendable in fishery management, especially on such a terrible day as today was.

15 Bashers and 4 welcome guests braved the wet and cold October for our fur and feather match. Many thanks for assistance with the pre match admin and draw, Steve Guy, Mike Dodd and John Lanelly, much appreciated.
We had pegs 2 to 22 with 12 left out for safety reasons. And another club was peg to peg on the opposite bank putting the lake under lots of pressure. Would it respond or would it crash?

Peg 8 was home for the day, Mike Dodd to my left and Paul Smiler Atton to my right.

Brolley up however the recent Nicwax coating on my wet weather gear would be tested to the full today. Shame I didn’t bring winter socks and clothing along too.

Plan was top 2+4 in front, margin to either side and bomb rod.

Match set off reasonably well with a few decent Ide after about 15 minutes however this didn’t continue long enough to make any headway. The bites were iffy to say the least and too many fish dropped off shipping in for no apparent reason. Small skimmers moved in with even more iffy bites as well. A solitary 6lb carp graced the net to inflate my weight for the day. a match to be forgotten on my behalf but I suppose in the xcheme of things we had plenty of bites, All fish on double / triple maggot on pole. Nothing else resulting in a dip or twitch.

Match fished on section results only with enhanced payouts to first and second in sections.

Name   Peg   1st weguh   2nd weigh   3rd weigh   Total points
Indian   2   36.5      8.7      2.5      46.1      2nd in section
Keith TT Smith 3  16.15   1212      03.8      37.3   
Steve Curtis 4   9.10      20.5            29.15
Jonny B      5   11.3                  11.3
Billy Harrison 6   10-2      38.0            48.2      Section winner
Mike Dodd 7      32      13.4            45-4      2nd in section
Leo Martin   8    10.4      6.1            17-1   
Smiler       9   9.11      29..9            39.2
John Utting 10   17.6      16.3            33.11
Nige Cooke   11   11.13   41.6            53.5       Section winner
Andy Waite   13     16.2   33.8            49.10        Section winner
Steve Guy  14      7.14   6.1            13.15
Dave Fox    15     12.8        1.13            44.5      2nd in sction
Big Glen       18   10.0      42.16   22.4      75.1      section winner
Mick Roche   19     43.5   21.8      4.8      69.5      2nd in section
Pete Turton   20                     DNW
Stephen Akal 21   11.4   11.4            22.5
Phil Codlin     22  39.5   0.14            40.3

Many thanks for Steve Curtis who had a break today from lifting the scales but completed the weigh in lists

So we close the summer league season which for everyone will show good times and those which “got away”.

Prizes presentations for season end are

Mick Roche biggest Fish 16-13 on Lindholme Loco Lake

Challenge Cup winner   Mick Roche runner up Big Glen

Second Bite of the cherry winner Kevin Indian Webster   runner up Steve Curtis

 Summer League
Winner Steve Curtis 16 points 969lbs
Second Kevin Indian Webster 20 points    666lbs
Third Mick Roche   21 points   820 lbs
4th Andy Waite      23 points   690lbs

Well done guys, and thank you from the committee for all your support throughout the season.

We have a great friendly group who look out for and help each other every match day and the friendlies in between. Long may it continue.
We go again on March 28th on the mighty Bonsai
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Re: 2019 Big Bash F & F Springvale Duke Lake
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2019, 07:32:01 »
Well spotted Billy, still defrosting, it was a long day / night. 
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Re: 2019 Big Bash F & F Springvale Duke Lake
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2019, 08:49:39 »
Well today went out in true Big Bash Style as the Intrepid twenty passionate anglers setup stall at what was more like Wintervale. With copious amounts of rain the complex and surround roads took a beating, but the Big Bash faithfuls certainly did not. I have shared many Fur & Feathers over the years with the BB Boy's in all conditions but this one took the biscuit. The weights caught today were testament to how fantastic this complex is, Duke lake with two matches on and nearly peg to peg still produced plenty of bites and some respectable weights considering the horrendous conditions.
The start of our day was the ritual of meeting up in the cabin to very warm handshakes and tales of breakfasts and satnavs. Then the commander in chief Mr Leo Martin, the man behind all things Big Bash, a man who does not get the recognition he truly deserves and for that Leo I applaud your dedication and commitment in making the day go smoothly, without you there would be no Big Bash.
Well done once again on your organisation.. 

Well done to Glen Hanysz on your match win you are the King of the Duke. Well done all the section 1/2 winners.

Today’s match lake seemed to be divided into two sections as it soon became prevalent, the Silvers at in the low numbers and Carp in the higher numbered pegs.Into the draw bag and peg six stuck to my palm, so it was a silvers day for me and a target of one a bung to compete with the Carp lads was not going to be easy.  My first attack was the flask and a hot coffee, but would this cost me fish as the bladder took its toll, my on box was more an off box.  But when I was in residence my approach was 2+4 on the deck with maggot,feeding maggots and pinging a few via catapult to bring them shallow, I was constantly feeding my 2+2 line hoping for a more speedy approach and really attack the Ide, sadly this line did not produce during the day.  After the 1st hour a constant stream of IDE had graced  my nets, following a few liners it was time to get the shallow rig out, pinging a few maggots out, and this is when the wind decided to increase its velocity, I took one IDE shallow before retiring that rig to its roost, so back on the deck and little was happening around me and across, the lake had decided to switch off for a while as the fish backed off.  The constant battering of rain making unfavourable conditions as the maggots decided to go on walk about, with now fingers that resembled Pork sausages just taken out of the freezer baiting up a size 18 was not easy, but we as made anglers that we are stick to the task in hand as the IDE rewarded me with plenty’s more bites.  Nice stick ups to my left look tempting so fishery micros and Corn were dispatched in and attempt to lure that elusive Weight building Carp, but deep in the back of my mind I knew this was fools gold.  The clock was ticking but the weight was not and with 30 Minutes left on the clock my first Carp of 2lb was taken, followed by another around 6lb and on the whistle my final fish of the day another 2lber.
The scales recording Carp 10lb-2oz and Silvers 38lb and a section win.
And so the drying out process has begun, the wife wouldn’t let me put anything on the radiators (bless her).  A quick dispatch with the tackle into the garage,  and a hot bath ready for me, she’s a good un.
Sorry I had to dash off lads we had a table booked for 7.
The day /weather was not brilliant but the company more than made up for it.
Many thanks for the invite lads.
Very well done to all twenty stalwarts for your dedication on he day.
Kindest Regards Billy Boy.